Catch Pokémon!

Catching Pokémon is at the heart of nearly every Pokémon game, and Pokémon GO is no different! This time, you'll explore real-world locations to find Pokémon that you can catch.

*Not actual game footage.

How to Catch Pokémon

When you're in position to catch a Pokémon, the screen will switch to a first-person view with the Pokémon in front of you. Use your touch screen to throw Poké Balls to try to catch the Pokémon. Careful—Pokémon will sometimes move around, making it tricky to catch them!

Several factors affect your chances of catching a Pokémon. The Pokémon’s CP level, the type of Poké Ball you used, your throwing technique, and other factors come into play when determining whether the Pokémon can be successfully caught. And some Pokémon will run away!

Complete Your Pokédex

One of the goals of Pokémon GO (and many other Pokémon games) is to catch at least one of every Pokémon available. The Pokédex will keep track of every Pokémon you've seen and which ones you've caught. Keep exploring until you discover them all! The Pokémon GO Pokédex initially includes only Pokémon from the Kanto region.

Pokémon whose silhouettes have been filled in indicate the Pokémon you've encountered.

Traits of a Pokémon

Various aspects of a Pokémon are important during battle and in other ways. These include its type, Hit Points (HP), Combat Power (CP), and moves. All Pokémon start out with full HP at capture, but HP can be depleted during battle. Combat Power (CP) indicates how the Pokémon will perform in battle. Not all Pokémon have the same CP—for example, if you have caught two Pikachu, they could have different CP. Some types of Pokémon will naturally always have lower CP. As you become a higher-level Trainer, the CP of Pokémon you capture will generally be higher.

Tap one of the Pokémon you've caught to get complete details about it.

Pokémon Evolution

If you catch Pokémon of the same species often enough, one of them can evolve. This is useful for catching Pokémon you're having a tough time finding in the wild. For example, if there are large numbers of Poliwag in your area, but Poliwhirl are difficult to find, catch lots of Poliwag to eventually gain the ability to have one of them evolve into a Poliwhirl!

Collect enough of the same Pokémon and watch it evolve!

Pokémon Eggs

When gathering items at PokéStops, you may find Eggs that will eventually hatch into Pokémon! To hatch an Egg, you'll need to walk around a certain distance. In general, the farther you have to walk, the rarer the Pokémon you'll find inside when it finally hatches.

Which Pokémon is inside the Egg will be a mystery until it hatches!